The ‘face’ of Evans has gone against the trend of super size zero models and has carved out a career from her size 16 figure. Crystal was once a tiny 7 stone when agents pressured her to loose even more from her already miniscule frame.

Her curves have led her to sashaying down the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier and D&G.

From this Celebs on Sunday magazine, Crystal talks about her rise to fame and those famous curves…

I think the fashion industry focuses too much attention on extremes…Models are either tiny or they’re plus sized, but what about all the people in the middle? Even celebrities are skinny or fat. I think models should be all shapes, heights and colours, that way all women would be able to relate to them.

Curves emphasise your femininity…Men prefer something to grab hold to. Curves make you think of health and vitality, and I think that’s really attractive. Size 0 doesn’t scream health!

Clothes can transform your mood…I love sequins, they always make me feel happy. I’ve got a chequered sequined top and it makes everything I wear with it look great.

I stay in shape by eating healthy…I love organic food and I think its important to listen to your body. If you’re craving something, it’s usually because your body needs it. I love eggs, they have always given me loads of energy. If I’ve been on a long flight and I have to go straight to work, I have some eggs and suddenly I’m in a good mood.

If someone was thinking about becoming a model…I would tell them to be themselves. Don’t look in magazines and think you have to look like all the other girls because that’s what I did. If your true to yourself that’s what will set you apart from the rest. The most important thing about modelling is individuality.”


Celebs_on_Sunday_Sep_09[1]2 copy

Celebs_on_Sunday_Sep_09[1]1 copy

          Crystal is modelling Evans new range available at stores nationwide


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