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It wasn’t until I needed an outdoor chair that I really realized that I was in need of a product just for me so I could feel relaxed and at comfort. Nothing spoils an evening in the backyard than the fear and humiliation of breaking a chair. Living XL has an amazing selection of products built for plus size people. On their website you’ll find:

portable walk stools

portable chairs with a 600lb capacity

wide girth rocking chairs

office chairs with a 1000lb capacity

toilet seats

robes and bath towels

high capacity scales

back scratchers

seat belt extenders

casual clothing for men and women

heavy duty step stools and more!

Living XL definitely has taken into account many aspects of a plus size person’s activities of daily living.


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I thought I’d add this interview with Radio Presenter Jami Templeton, the woman behind the Fat and Fabulous Radio Show, taken from the great Fat and Fabulous Blog.

Full Figure Plus: Who is Jami Templeton?

Jami: Wow, who am I? That’s a loaded question. Haha. I’m sweet, feisty, intelligent, an air head, a diva and a homebody. By profession I am a radio personality, actress, television show creator, artist developer, manager, writer and singer. In my spirit, I am a woman who has learned a lot in the way of trial by fire. I am a plus sized diva, and after many years of struggle with body image, I landed in a place where I love myself regardless of what size I am, or what the scale says. I feel that when we go through these experiences, they always have a lesson that we are obligated to share with others that have similar struggles. We are all here to help each other, and if the pain I endured can help one woman or little girl to see that she can make it through, then it was worth it.

FFP: What are your thoughts on plus size fashion?

Jami: I think plus size fashion is amazing. I love that a young girl who is bigger than “average” can walk into a junior plus store and look just as cute as her thinner girlfriends. Plus size fashion has come a tremendously long way since I was in school.

FFP: Do you think plus size models are treated fairly?

Jami: I think that when something is different, it always takes a while for the world to catch up to the truth. I definitely commend the plus size models that are out there right now for forging a path. It’s an exciting time in fashion right now, where people are realizing that most of the world’s population is bigger than the sample sizes on the rack. Kudos to the models out there giving us positive, realistic images to look up to, and to the designers and runway producers who give them a place to shine.

FFP: How did you get interested in the music industry?

Jami: Music is my heart. I’ve always been like Ally McBeal. You know, the girl who always has a song playing in her head! I was singing before I could speak in complete sentences. For as long as I can remember, I knew that’s what I was supposed to do in this lifetime.

FFP:  Do you think that blogs and social networking has helped or hurt the plus size community?

Jami: I definitely think they have helped raise awareness and put shame to rest. They give a voice to those of us who may not have had a voice before, and send the message that you can be beautiful at any size. And to me, that’s a fabulous message!

FFP: Where do you see the plus size fashion industry in five years?

Jami: Absolutely booming.

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I received a lot of emails asking me how to become a plus size model??? Since I can’t really email everyone, I thought it would be a better idea just to post it for all to see. There are some really important requirements to becoming a plus size model. There are a ton of agencies looking for plus size models.


Height Between 5′8″ and 6′0″
5′9″ is pretty much minimum for larger markets though Wilhelmina in NYC does represent a few girls who are 5′7″ and 5′8″.

Size 12, 14, 16
Sizes 10 and 18/20 are also used, but are not as common.

You may be a “plus size,” but you may have to be in shape if you model swim wear, lingerie or fitness gear.

You should be in proportion. Your bust, waist and hips should be about ten inches apart in size (i.e. 42-32-42) or very close. In addition, the shorter you are, the smaller your size should be. Someone who is 5′8″ would be expected to wear a smaller size (12/14) than a taller model. It is all about length and proportion.

Close Models UK
Ford Models 12+ Division
Giovanni Models
Dorothy Combs Models
Goddess Models
12+ Uk

I hope this information helps those looking forward to be gorgeous plus size models. Let me know if this information was helpful. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Ive just found Gok Wans new underwear range for Simply Yours and I absolutely love it! Ive always been the sort of girl to flaunt it rather than hide it and theres nothing better than some shape enhancing underwear to set me on the right track.

Even the styling on the promotion images gets me excited, I mean how hot do these girls look seriously. If this underwear makes me look even a quatre of how sexy these ladies look then I’ll be more than happy.

Loving how a slick of fushcia lipstick can turn a whole look around. When I was younger I used to over compensate for the lack of style in my wardrobe by using far too much make up and making my hair far too big. Now I’ve grown into my skin and have become so much happier I only need a slick of lipstick and feel ready to face the world.

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