Is there a time when dressing trendy is not in the best interest of a plus size fashionista? If you would have asked me that question a few weeks ago I would have said there is always a place for trendy fashion. Considering for decades the clothing available to plus size women was drab and boring the break out of designers and merchants focusing on the plus size fashion world has been a breath of fresh air.

My recent trip to Washington, DC showed me that in certain environments trendy fashion, even for plus sizes, is not the order of the day.  You guys already know about my wife and how she loves blue, green, fuchsia, yellow, you name the color she wears it.  On our trip to the nation’s capital we were introduced to many back offices of high importance such as the Pentagon, Supreme Court, CIA, Senate, and the House of Representatives were these colors are considered out of bounds.

There were plenty of lovely large women in all of these places in positions from secretaries to clerks running the entire office.  There was one thing common among all of these ladies, plenty of muted colors.  The major color theme was grey followed by black, brown, and navy blue.  Pants suits were also scattered about as well as knee length pencil skirts and black tights.  Of five days in DC, the only color I saw outside of this spectrum was one red jacket worn by the Senior clerk of the Senate majority leader

Does this mean that color should not be allowed on larger ladies in the workplace?  Absolutely not.  What it illustrates is that even with all of the steps plus size fashion has taken to buck the trend and live on the edge when it comes to some work settings tradition still rules meaning that when it comes to building your workplace wardrobe there are a few things you should keep in stock.    To give you a head start Jones New York has 50% off sale on plus size apparel in classic styles and colors and 30% off on all dresses.

Items every wardrobe should include:

  1. Suit jacket (grey, black, brown, and navy)
  2. Skirt in the same colors
  3. Houndstooth – you can break things up without being totally boring
  4. Black tights (in this case no fish or fencenet stockings)

Even with the conservative look there is always room to show off your individual spirit with shoes and accessories.  I saw the gambit in this regard meaning that just because you are wearing traditional colors does not mean that you have to look like your about to attend a funeral. Keep the amount of accessories to a minimum but play up on color, theme, and style to show the true you in a sea of traditional palettes.

Really, you could say that dressing classically is something every woman should do regardless of size, but as the office becomes more casual classic looks actually standout making a statement that regardless of the setting you will not just be one of the unwashed masses.  Do you have any classic fashion tips for the office?  If so feel free to comment and share!


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