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In today’s economy, it’s no secret that job searching has become our number one past time.  Even those of us who have jobs are often looking around – just in case.  And this is especially true for younger members of the job market.  After all, who wants to hire a twenty-two year old college graduate to manage their business when there are as many as five women twice her age trying for the same job?

So what can a young woman do to find a great job or great promotion – or even be sure to keep the job she has?  One of the simplest answers is to invest in herself.  Yes, you can do this by going back to university to earn another degree or certification – or by adding a new skill set to your resume.  But a quick fix is simply to look the part you want to play.

While appearance maybe shouldn’t play a role in who gets chosen for what job, the old adage, “Dress for success,” is definitely one to keep in everyone’s pocket when 1 in 10 of us are out of work in this country.  So just how do we go about creating the kind of make over that will showcase our inner talents?

Tip Number One: Be sure that your wardrobe is appropriate for the place you work.  Corporate cultures can be very subtle, and it’s easy to be either too formal or too informal, especially when you’re new to the corporate world.  If your company practices casual Fridays, be sure to check out what the Human Resources definition of that is – even if you see colleagues dressed in jeans.  It’s quite likely that denim is simply unacceptable to your senior management, but they choose to turn a blind eye to their support staff or IT team.  But who do you think will be considered for promotion the next time around?  Likewise, don’t overdress on those days either.  You don’t want to seem stiff or appear to have a lack of team spirit.

Tip Number Two: Work with what you’ve got.  Very often our wardrobe is the easiest thing to fix.  You can literally take a monotone skirt and blouse and turn it into a vibrant plus size fashion statement with the addition of a bold pashmina, a wide stretch belt, or some terrific jewelry and a short bolero sweater or plus size cardigan.  Another great idea is to add some great looking (but appropriate) leather or denim to your look.  A great denim skirt with a tailored blouse, or a pair of tailored slacks with a waist-length blazer style leather jacket slung over your shoulders makes a great plus size fashion statement.

Tip Number Three: Perform some serious due diligence.  There’s nothing like some good old observation.  Spend a few days looking at what other plus size women are wearing – especially those who are further along on the career path you’d like to walk.  Invest in a few great magazines also – and these don’t necessarily have to be fashion magazines.  If you’re interested in becoming the CEO of a company, for instance, you might look closely at the plus size womens fashions in INC. or Business Week – or check out the online version of WE Magazine for Women.  If you’re interested in broadcasting, pay close attention to who’s wearing what in TV.  And you can definitely ask the women you admire where they shop!  You’ll be surprised at how many of them will offer up the name of a small boutique or a vintage shop full of treasures

Good Luck!


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I officially heart curvy confidential, a website that many of you will be a fan of already. So I thought I’d add some fantastic advice from the site about shedding weight….

Ok everyone…lets drop that weight!! That’s right, let’s get rid of it once and for all.

If you know me or what I stand for…you may think that I have had a hit on my head, or a change of heart, or a lapse in all that I write and speak about.

Not true.

I actually mean it.  Lets all lose some weight!  Oh, it is probably not the “weight” that you may think.  I am talking about all of the self-doubt, the degrading thoughts within your head, and all of the other WEIGHT that you pile on yourself when talking about your body and its girth/weight/poundage/pooch/fat…or any other word that you could use to diminish all of the real beauty that you actually do possess.   I have been working with, coaching, counseling and teaching people (not only women either) about body issues and self-loathing a lot lately.    The topic is always so fascinating to me and continues to be.   What I am finding is that many of us pile on the “weight” of carrying around a bad attitude and it is HEAVY.

Self-speak is constantly occurring.   Our job is to re-program, if you will, our negative thoughts about what we look like.   Why not make the choice to drop the bad thinking and replace with thoughts of all that we actually are that is great and all of the wonderful qualities that we do possess.

So I am suggesting that you drop a few unnecessary pounds of criticism. And not just about yourself, of others as well.   Stop looking for the seeming flaws in yourself and point out to yourself all of the beauty of who you are.  And begin to notice the truth about the beauty in others too.

Confidence is the best accessory a person can put on, a wise and loving man once told me.   I loved that.   I still do.   I still remember it like it was yesterday and it was many years ago.     Look lovingly at your reflection rather than with a critical, judgmental eye.   You are PERFECT just the way you are.   Remember that.   So dress it up, sexify it, strut it, move and dance it, adore it…it being you!

With love, from a “weightless” woman.

Fabulous advice if I say so myself…

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